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Thursday, 13 October 2016

How to activate two 2-step verification in gmail with pictures

Technology is develop very fast.It provide many advantages and i talking about gmail account security. you can protect your gmail account by activating two  2-step verification .
everyday many hacking attempts are made. so we need secure our account. Gmail provide its powerful tool for prevent hacking. so this post about how you can protect your gmail account.

Gmail is a google company. Gmail account means google account. google account is very important for everyone.If our account password are stone hacker can access  our all account

What Is 2- Step Verification :

its a service which is provide by gmail. when we are login our account gmail send a one time password to our mobile number. By entering verification code we can access our account. if wrong OTP was  entered account not open. This OTP is contain 6 number. When a hacker get your account password and try to login gmail ask for one time password and he can not access your account.It is free service so everyone   can activate it.

Steps how start 2- step verification :

  • Login your gmail account.
  • In top right corner you see your image or first later of your name.
  • Click on it and choose my account.
  • You see your account setting option , choose sign in and security.
  • Scroll down your screen and choose 2-step verification
  • Click on get started.
  • For security gmail ask for your password so enter your password
  • Now google send you a verification on your mobile number, for verification you can see two option. choose which you want.
  • Enter your one time password.
  • After enter right code click on turn on.
  • Now all set you are complete your process.
Every time when you login your account google send you a code.By this step you can prevent your account by hacker. Be aware about internet security it is necessary because everyday many people lost their personal information and important information or data. They are  miss use of our identity. Many time we lost our website or bank data.  

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